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Default Re: Saturday Commentary

I remember the good old days of tweaking my P3 650 with 192MB of sdr133 and AGP S3 Savage4 32MB.

Getting games to run well (16bit color) (ST-Armada, QuakeIIIA, UT, DeusEX) was the most fun I had. I actually had to patch together a WinXP driver for the S3 to run Return to Castle Wolfenstein (openGL). That was 4-6 years ago, nowadays I have a bit more money, and I'm not squeazing quite as much from my hardware anymore, I replaced a Ti4200 in january 2004 with a FX5900xt. I just know that when GTs will be <=300$ CAN, I'll be buying.

It's not exactly like my Ti4200 couldn't run games anymore, I just wanted to be able to stop seeing this 'moiré' in far away side-seen textures... (AF)

We're all spoiled brats

Given to my sister:
| P3_650@866 | 3x128MB_SDR133 | GA-6BX7 | 1x20GB_Maxtor | JATON_GF4MX440 |
(the S3 Savage4 is displayed proudly... in a small box sitting in a bigger box in a closet)

my video upgrades
PCI Ati Mach64 - Ati Xpert98 - S3 Savage4 - GeForce4 MX440 - GeForce4 Ti4200 - GeForceFX 5900XT
on the side
GeForce2 MX200 - GeForce 5700 256MB (refunded) - Some sort of Voodoo - Ati rage something
-Intel Core2 Duo 4300 (3.0GHz) | Asus P5N-E SLI | 6GB Corsair CVS PC2-5300 | GF8800GT 512MB | Western Digital 1TB Raid0 | Antec SLK2600AMB | Antec Earthwatts 500W
-Intel Pentium4 2.4C (3.4GHz) | Asus P4P800 Dlx | 2GB Crucial Rendition PC-3200 | GF6800LE 128MB | Seagate 200GB | Antec Overture II | Antec TruePower 2.0 480W

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