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I was told that I would regret it if I got a 6800Ultra over a X800XT PE,since I have been with Ati for a while and the 9500pro and the 9800pro witch were great cards and I was told the I.Q could'nt be beat. So I waited and waited and waited,over three months had past and they would just keep saying you should have it in a week or less.Well I got tired of being lied to even though it was'nt there fault that ATI could'nt deliver.But after seeing more more reviews from people that have a 6800 GT or Ultra and knowing that the PS and VS 3 should help the card on some future games and a few out now.I got a Evga 6800Ultra witch will overclock past the the Extreme series,witch surprise me ,but I run it at default speeds because it is fast enough with any of the games that I play.IMO the I.Q. is just as good as the X800Pro that I had for a month and I was suprise when I ran the benchmark 2003 and got 12,000 compaired to the 5600 for my 9800pro and 8,700 for my X800pro,and can hit over 13,000 with some overclocking of the card.But benchmarks don't mean that much if they don't run a game right.But so far ever game that I have installed runs perfect with the 6800 ultra and that could'nt be said when I had my X800pro witch had problems with flashing textures in Pain Killer,but I guess all new video cards has a few problems when they first come out.
I guess I can stop rambling on but the 6800ultra has been a lot better card then I thought it was going to be,I thought that I was just settling for secound best ,but after haveing the 6800ultra and playing my games ,IMO I think I made the right decission.
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