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Default Re: Saturday Commentary

I love how now after we all have gotten used to playing most of our games with AF and AA, when newer games come out and we have to turn these features off to get acceptable framerates on still great cards like the 9700pro and 9800pro, we just feel like something is missing. At least I can't stand jagged lines and blurred textures anymore. That just seems like a finishing touch that should be expected, and to me running a game without it just seems kind of silly unless you are playing in a tourney and need every last frame. I personally am waiting for the next series of GeForce6's in PCI-e so that I can run them in SLI and for sure get perfect performance at 10x7x32 with 4xAA/8xAF in Doom3 with never a dip below 60fps. If I can pull those kind of benchmarks then I'm sure that I'll be happy for some time to come. Until then I'm going to stay with my 9700pro which is a great card and I think that right now is one of the most exciting times in gaming with all of the great games we have and have coming (titles coming to mind; Doom3, Half-Life2, UT2004).
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