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Default Re: FX 5800 Ultra pwns FX 5700 Ultra

Originally Posted by Hellion
lol, thanx. i thought it meant that, just making sure...besides noone should be afraid to ask any Q Ever no matter what it is. because you learn from a start right? i thought the L33T and words like that that i see in games all the time were beginning to take over. already you learn how to spell dog at 4, and by 16 everyone spells it Dawg. know what i mean? its not so much the fact that schools suck...its that we practicly devole as we get over because of the use of slang. If you dont believe me. go somewere that uses a different word for things and you start using it. It takes only 10 times to Form a Habit, but it takes aproxximatly 32 times to Break it. point ? yes, no?

Ah well, back to topic. Do you OverClock? like cpu and things in general? because if your looking for more FPS and your cards limit is tapped, ive noticed a 500 point difference between 2.8 stock and 3.5 OC P4 prescott on 3DMARK03, not too proud, but my highest score when i had my 5900se was like 6324, Heres a link if you wanna see. Linky Prob is i was messing around with clock speeds. so i took off the rest of the settings so i could do it faster, and i practicly hit myself when i achieved my highest score and only HALF ASS results.
d00d j00 n33d +0 1i+3N uP. i+z @11 iN phuN.
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