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Default Re: FX 5800 Ultra pwns FX 5700 Ultra

Originally Posted by Zeta
Something must be wrong with that 5700 ultra. I have a 5700 U and a barton 2800+ and I run about 45fps (often going to 60fps). I am playing 800x600 with HIGH details, remember this uses 8x AF. I just dont see how your framerate is so low with medium detail. I really wanted to get a new video card before doom 3 came out but this card has proven its self and I think I can hold out until I go PCI express.

Your 5700 is performing better than his because your at 800X600...he already said he was playing at 1024X768...which taxes the gpu alot more....@ 800X600 your cpu is doing most of the work and of course ur scores will be higher.

The 5800 is a great card really. The drivers have matured enough to make it better than the 9700 Pro (when ps2.0 isnt enabled heh) just ashame it was so loud and warm. I used to have one, I upgraded to a 5900nu...there was only a 2fps gain with the 5900nu-but it ran cooler and was much essentially when u base it on performance u can say a 5800 ultra is basically a 5900nu.
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