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Default Re: Out of these three cards which is the best?

Originally Posted by saturnotaku
Hey, don't knock the GF2 PCI. That card is more than capable of running Q3 at 1024x768, medium details. I know, I had one in an old rig of mine.

Same here. My old 1.4 GHZ system didnt have any agp slots and this was the best pci card at the time...basically still is. Only difference is I had the 64MB version....running ut2k3 at 640X400....oh man...memories. From what I remember quake 3 arena ran very well with the card...I later upgraded to a radeon 9100 pci....fastest pci card to be found....until later when I got my old 2.66 GHZ machine WITH agp, I found out they had made a 5600 pci, but by then I was using a ti4200 with a sigh of relief. :::looks at sig::: i;ve come a long way since then...sniff sniff.

Anyways GF2 has my vote. But to be honest...I wouldnt even try gaming with any of those cards...i'd just put one in so u have video display and can surf the web, etc. Save the gaming for when u get the 6800 =)
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