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Default Re: Saturday Commentary

Also remember to check these articles:




In these articles X800XT PE is 28 to 44 % faster than 6800U in 1600x1200 4X/8X - and only Firingsquad and Driver Heaven seem to have used MAX settings in the VST test (= "reflect all"), while Tech Report only used the less intensive "reflect world" detail setting (Games Depot has unknown settings). So clearly HalcYon could seem quite biased by writing "Now I don't want to sound like an NVIDIA apologist here, but the debate raging for 70 fps vs. 60 fps at 16x12 4X/8X is hardly worth amount of time we are are wasting on it". The differences seen at the sites mentioned above far exceeds "70 fps vs. 60 fps" and I am quite surprised that NVNews has not mentioned the VST reviews on VR-Zone, FiringSquad and Driver Heaven. 6800U is doing much worse in these test compared to X800XT PE than in the tests from Gamers Depot and Tech Report and in my opinion it is only fair that the readers of NVNEWS get the whole story, unless NVNEWS wishes to conceal some potentially important aspects regarding 6800U vs. X800XT PE in Half-Life 2 VST.
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