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Default Re: NVidia on 2,6,7+ and up

Oops my bad

Turns out it ain't an NVidia problem, well it is, different one though

There is a quirk in the nforce chipset's sound system which is leading to I/O errors in 2.6.7 and 2.6.8, which explains the random crashes as well as KDE startup crashes being related to artsd deciding to start up because that's what it does (act unpredictable) despite being told not to and crashes during game start ups (they want to access the sound system).

IF anyone else sees this post and thinks this is related to what they are seeing, test your soundsystem using either xmms (you'll get sound but it's not the entire file (i'm going for mp3 playback here)) or mpg123 you get horrible noise which breaks predominant silence and feedback telling you it's having I/O issues

On the bright side, i guess that means i get to buy myself an Audigy and surround sound headphones. (not that i am certain this bug isn't present in the emu10k1 sound render path / IO system.
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