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Default Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

Originally Posted by Boz
I didn't buy the "top of the line card" to have to mess with it to get it to work. I will keep scanning this forum to see if anyone comes up w/ a good solution. I am not much into overclocking or messing w/ such things. Any help would be great.
We almost have identical pc's, except my mb is the 865 chipset. Your stalls are with CS, mine are with D3. So far, I've tried switching drivers, and disabling fast writes with Riva, and neither worked. Like your card, my temps are well within spec when it happens.
If I can't find a fix for it soon, cards going back. I mean, what the hell is that? Game will just lock up and then start back up again. VERY annoying. This is a new one on me. Gonna go get an Antec 550 tomorrow, see if that helps.

P4 2.8C @3.1
Asus P4P800
1 Gb Geil 3500
Koolance Exos
Evga 6800GT
80G Seagate
Zalman 400 psu

OK, found what I needed. Turns out I only had the mb drivers from Asus installed. Didn't have the Intel inf. software download. The AGP and the Bus were on the same IRQ before, the new inf file solved it.

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