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Originally posted by pelly
I am here...sitting on the sidelines chuckling to myself...

How ridiculous this whole thing truly is...

Well I find it interesting that the thread starting this only got moved here well after it had started and you had posted.

I also find it interesting that you basicaly flamed me as a "troll," but have refused to answer any of my substantive queries about it since - in fact all you've seemed to do so far is dodge the issues:

- Are you allowed to flame posters like you did to me? If so, are others allowed to flame you back? What is the official policy regarding this sort of thing?

- Why haven't you updated the original "news" item which now apparently - at the very least - has sufficient counter-speculation showing your news item to be false?

Pelly, do you think you can answer these questions? I believe they're fair ones, in light of your recent conduct....
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