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Default nvidia.ko problems in kernel 2.6.7

I compiled Linux 2.6.7 (I'm a kernel n00b, and this was the first one I ever got working), and everything seemed to be working fine, until I tried to install Nvidia. First, it would build, then tell me that the nvidia.ko could not be loaded, possibly because I used the wrong kernel source, which I know I didn't. I used --kernel-source-path="/usr/src/linux-2.6.7"... The exact source for the kernel I built.

After that, I used the --kernel-source-path, along with --kernel-name="linux-2.6.7", in which the Nvidia installer didn't give me the nvidia.ko error. However, when I tried to startx, it would give me an Nvidia error. I tried to locate nvidia.ko, and it couldn't be found. One person I talked to was completely baffled at this, and said it wasn't building right. So I came here for help.

If you've got any suggestions, they would be much appreciated. I am using Slackware 10.0.
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