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Default Re: November is gonna break the bank account....look at this list!

Originally Posted by Borealis
In my world, if I even tried to spend $300 in one month on games, my wife would be waiting for you to go to sleep just so she could pull out the 9mm, put a pillow to the back of your head and.....BANG! Well...not that loud, you know what I mean though.

HL2 and Madden for me and thats it.
Forget Madden and get ESPN 2k5. Overall better game. Every video game site agreed. Don't let the $20 price tag fool you into thinking it's a bad game. I just bought it for the X-Box and I haven't regretted it since. Best Football game in a long, long time. Trust me on this, and if you're unsure, head over to or and check out the head to head. Also referred to as "the best looking football game ever". (^_^)
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