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Default Re: Saturday Commentary

Saturnotaku, if you took the time to actually read the postings at Driver Heaven you would know that they later did test 6800U using the 65.62 betas:

Quote: "Probably worth noting that all optimisations were on for the 65.62"

65.62 did improve 6800U quite a bit, but 6800U was getting about 52 FPS in 1600x1200 4X/8X (MAX settings) VST, while X800XT PE achieved about 72 FPS - that is a nearly 40% lead by X800XT PE. We do not know how much impact these VST scores will have on performance in the final version of HL2, but lacking better tests than the VST, I do find a 40% performance difference disturbing. So clearly 65.62 in no way closed the gap between 6800U and X800XT PE using MAX settings in the VST, as you wrongly are claiming. Furthermore this is not a discussion about getting the 6800U or X800XT PE to look best (who wins or not is not the primary issue), it is only a matter of showing all the relevant data.
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