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Default Re: No Innovation in First Person Shooters

There's a game coming out that may just be a bit , well not revolutionary coz a FPS is a FPS, but I believe will be a bit different from all the rest.

I'm talking about starship troopers, I've just seen the gameplay videos , and usually from those I can make out if a game is any good. Starship troopers looks like lots of fun, 8 marines vs 1000 bugs, continuous firing and reloading, etc etc etc....ofcourse Halo's flood and serious sam have already touched this 'genre' (lol) before, never the less I think I'll have a hell of a time playing trough it.

If I had to pick a theme for a new FPS , I would surely pick the warhammer universe, it's been done before (Firewarrior), but so badly it's not even worth considering as an attempt in my opinion. You could even have a kind of universal combat type of game (without the bugs AND without derek smart please), and have deepstriking assaults of marines and terminators on chaos marine's bases etc, also the huge ammount of vehicles and units and weapons would help keep it interesting, and space combat, cruiser boarding etc - not too many games where you can launch a drop pod and board an enemy spaceship (having battle of proxycon flashbacks right

Thered also be tank and dreadnought fighting (mechs), spreading mayhem troughout planets , could make a pretty decent single player game, altough I believe the scope would be too broad to make a multiplayer game.

Seems good to me...
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