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Default Re: Saturday Commentary

Originally Posted by RuneSR
So clearly HalcYon could seem quite biased by writing "Now I don't want to sound like an NVIDIA apologist here, but the debate raging for 70 fps vs. 60 fps at 16x12 4X/8X is hardly worth amount of time we are are wasting on it". The differences seen at the sites mentioned above far exceeds "70 fps vs. 60 fps" and I am quite surprised that NVNews has not mentioned the VST reviews on VR-Zone, FiringSquad and Driver Heaven. 6800U is doing much worse in these test compared to X800XT PE than in the tests from Gamers Depot and Tech Report and in my opinion it is only fair that the readers of NVNEWS get the whole story, unless NVNEWS wishes to conceal some potentially important aspects regarding 6800U vs. X800XT PE in Half-Life 2 VST.
[sarcasm] Do you sit at your computer with a tinfoil hat on so the spy satellites can't read your mind? I didn't link Driver Heaven, it's got to be a conspiracy against ATI... [/sarcasm]

Actually, I did post a link to VR-Zone's benchmarks. I also made reference to the Driver Heaven "benchmarks" in a later post with out a link or mentioning them by name. As for the Squab, I don't like them, so I don't link them.

But you probably want more on why I did not want to link to Driver heaven's scores? First, their methodology came into question immediately when they tried to compare 6x AA performance on ATI to 8xS performance on NVIDIA. Smacks of someone stacking the deck for shock value in a graph with an asterisk. There are people replying in DH's forum with lesser systems running the exact same benchmark settings that are getting higher scores. Saturn already mentioned that DH's scores have been beaten to death in the nV Forums already. Most of all, VR-Zone and Squab's benchmarks contradict the performance gap which you so proudly tried to enlighten us poor NVIDIOTs about, unless you can make "28 to 44 %" out of 74.1 vs. 64.5.

Now to the real reason for me to reply to your post. You missed the point and made my point at the same time. The CS Source benchmark is a purely synthetic benchmark that has become the primary hardware world debate because Driver heaven has the gall to post results SO skewed one way that everyone is ignoring EVERY other site's results, you included evidently. It has little to do with how actual gameplay will be when HL2 is released because 1) no one knows if Valve is done tweaking the engine (SM3.0 patch?) and 2) there will likely be driver updates for HL2 from both ATI and NVIDIA (65.xx, 4.9 Cats).

The purpose of the stress test, IMHO, is to make sure that the engine functions properly on different flavors of hardware and all of the features on the rendering engine do as they should to produce the desired atmosphere. That's it. The usual suspects in the the usual venues have turned it into page after page of your-card-sux. Let it go. And that is directed to both the fanATItics and NVIDIOTs...

Now I'm pissed at myself, because I let you turn me into a hypocrite. Then again, the cat woke me up early and I couldn't fall back asleep, so at least I had nothing better to do...

You feel like discussing Doom3 performance? Kidding. Just a joke...
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