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Default Re: Saturday Commentary

Originally Posted by RuneSR
Furthermore this is not a discussion about getting the 6800U or X800XT PE to look best (who wins or not is not the primary issue), it is only a matter of showing all the relevant data.
And a lot of people who have participated in this thread have come to the conclusion that DH's benchmarks are skewed. DH is ATI biased, they might try a thinly veiled attempt at objectivity but most of us here (and elsewhere) see right through it.

Further, it's been plainly obvious to people following this situation that ATI was going to be better in Half-Life 2. Not a single person has denied this, but we are well within our right to question one site who numbers are quite a bit different than other places who have run similar tests.

Lastly, there is more than one person who is going to wait for the final game to be released. In addition, we also have come to the conclusion that the 6800 still does very well - even 50 fps at 1600x1200, 4x AA/8x AF is nothing to sneeze.

Again, read through the thread and you'll see people have drawn their own conclusions.
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