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Default Re: Saturday Commentary

HalcYoN wrote: "As for the Squab, I don't like them, so I don't link them."

Intersting since Firingsquad was good enough for MikeC to include in this survey:

So MikeC finds the research quality at Firingsquad satisfactory, but HalcYoN does not?

Of course NVNews can decide whether or not it wishes to link to Firingsquad, but I do find it quite strange and academically unsatisfacory that interesting results are being ignored due to personal preferences - especially since results from the VST using MAX settings indicate that for the first time 6800U is loosing to X800Pro in 1600x1200 4X/8X and 2048x1536 4X/8X:

Furthermore there are other VST studies showing less pronounced effect, but we do not know if these studies also used MAX details:

Regarding HalcYoN's comment about Doom3, it is well known that Doom3 is performing quite better on 6800U than X800XT PE, but you can find results, where the difference is more or less pronounced - try comparing:


Digit-Life found that 6800U using High Detail 1600x1200 (with or without 4X/8X) was 18 - 20% faster in Doom3 than X800XT PE (without the Humus tweak), but using XBitLabs 6800U is up to 50% faster. My point is that academically we have to include both results, whether we like Digit-Life and XBitLabs or not, otherwize you end up getting biased results, which I and probably other readers would not consider an improvement regarding the news posting at NVNews. Also, I am not an "enemy" of NVNews: actually NVNEWS is my current homepage when I start my Internet browser - and has been that during the last 4 years.

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