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Originally Posted by BrianG
Thanks for getting back on topic.

I honestly believe that AA and AF are the new 32-bit color. They are taken for granted and are part of the gaming experience now. I see most game engines and game designers accounting for performance with AA and AF enabled. Hence, the games now control settings like AA and AF. To coin the ad slogan, "The way it's meant to be played."

That said, Doom3 does look great with out AA, but I think that is mainly due to the darkness of the environment.
Oh I believe they are the new 32 bit color too, but remember the trouble 32 bit had getting accepted over 16bit (thanks to voodoo2/3 fans). I'm just saying that (IMHO) the struggle is probably not over, and that they are still luxuries. Remember, both game engines (HL2 and D3) are/were well over due. What setting's do we anticipate for Stalker, or unreal 3, or even a D3/HL2 engine game that some developer decides to really graphically impress with. I anticipate low AF, AA and shadows, just to keep a decent resolution. All I'm really saying is that this has happened before. New card's come out that allow current games AA/AF, then the new game (far cry for instance) comes along that put's and end to it. AA/AF have been long standing issues (especially AA) that end up on the "first to turn off list". If this weren’t true, it wouldn't still be an issue. I really believe that, had id wanted to, they could have really gone all out on the graphic's detail. One thing they should have done was to enhance the gray looking skin on some of the characters. Sure it would be nice if we could all way's look forward to
full AA/AF, but history says different.
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