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Default X Windows hard locks (requires hard restart) with nvidia drivers

When I use the nvidia-source and nvidia-glx debian packages, x windows becomes ununsable. X windows will randomly lock up, freezing the keyboard and mouse. alt-sysrq does not respond. I used to be able to ssh in and close X, but now I am unable to do so. If i switch to nv in XF86Config-4, x windows works fine. I can usually reproduce a crash by using script-fu in gimp (at higher settings). This is a serious error for me because when X crashes, I have to restart, which causes data loss, and I usually end up reinstalling kde or x-window-system-core.

Sys Info:
athlon xp 2200+ (thoroughbred)
ecs k7s5a (sis 735)
gainward geforce 3 powerpack (nv20)
sb live value (emu10k1)
a $5 winmodem
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