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Default Re: Saturday Commentary

Saturnotaku wrote: "But the margins are completely different and that's why you have to take into account the fact that 1) this is a beta game, 2) test sites used different driver versions on the NVIDIA cards (61.77 and 65.62)."

I believe you are misunderstanding what I am writing. Let me repeat a sentence from an earlier reply: "Furthermore this is not a discussion about getting the 6800U or X800XT PE to look best (who wins or not is not the primary issue), it is only a matter of showing all the relevant data".

My concern is not 1) if video card A or B is best, 2) whether or not VST correlates with full HL2 performance or 3) whether or not 65.62 will represent upcoming WHQL-driver performance. My concern was that NVNews did not provide links to certain articles that may provide interesting information about the VST test.

NVNews is normally doing a fine job and have often linked to articles where ATi was doing especially well - and this is what is making NVNews a great site - namely being unbiased. And being unbiased by posting all relevant news regarding a subject (be it VST, Doom3 etc.) is the subject of my postings in this thread. If links to all relevant data has been published, intelligent readers should have little trouble making their own conclusions. I do not normally visit the forums: thus my concern is only associated to the (lack of) material published on the front page of NVNews.

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