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Default Re: Saturday Commentary

Seems I touched a nerve with that Doom3 jab. Relax. Rune, honestly, if you use nV News as your homepage, it must be to keep up with the competition. Have you been collecting links to VST comparisons? I wonder why anyone would do such a thing. You are taking an oppurtunity to use an editorial feedback link on the mainpage to take stand on ATI vs. NVIDIA in the VST when the point of the editorial was to take the numbers with a grain of salt and wait for the game to be released. Forgive me if I am a bit suspicious, but a reader that has nV News as their homepage for four years FINALLY registers for the forum when it comes time to link as many VST comparisons as possible? Odd.

You may find the results absolutely stupendous. I don't. Again, it is a synthetic preliminary benchmark. I have linked to many of the comparisons. I have discussed the advantage ATI has in this BENCHMARK. What am I dodging other than another site with the same information, yet again? I could post link after link of water-cooling projects, but I don't. Do you find it academically unsatisfactory that I slight water-cooling. Probably not. This is an ATI site as much it is a water-cooling site.

Please get back on topic and discuss the editorial. You missed the point of my comments and you won't address anything but synthetic benchmark results, so you are no longer needed in this thread. You can join one of the many threads (now that you are a forum meber) about the VST and discuss it until you are blue in the face.
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