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Default Re: GeForce 6800 and random freezes

Well, just went and bought a brand new 550 TruePower for $150. Problem is still there. I've tried everything now except a bios flash. Gonna go try the new beta drivers. If that doesn't work...back to the "dark side". X800vivo time.
I really like this 6800gt, the 2XAA looked as good as 4X on my 9800 pro in D3. Even the CRT connector was easier to get to on the right side instead of on the left, like they are on most AGP cards. But, these random lock ups and restarts take the f'n cake. Guess its just new technology growing pains, I don't know... and really don't care. Lockups just started on BF:V now. A $400 video card shouldn't have to be baby sat to work right.
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