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Default nVidia techdemo's running slow on my 6800 !?

I've got my 6800 card a few days, and Lovin' it like crazy. After a few games I wanted to check out the techdemo's from nVidia. I've installed Nalu and Timbury. Nalu runs fine when I choose the mermaid file in the "bin6600" dir. When choosing the mermaid file in "bin" it runs much slower

Also the Timbury demo is a true slideshow How's this possbile?!

Games like Doom 3, Far Cry etc runs absolutely fabulous !

Hope someone knows some options to tweak this.

amd 3200+
1 gig dual channel
pov GeForce 6800, 128mb
ForceWare driver 61.77
DirectX 9.0c
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