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Default Why Doesn't Realistic Sniping Exist in Shooters?

First off accuracy in FPS games is terrible. Any random moron could shoot a pistol better than these supposedly hardened space marines can with their super laserguns. But that aside, why is sniping range in FPS games like 200'? The Rainbow Six series had fairly realistic weapon accuracy and damage, but the sniping range was still pathetically short (which is too bad, considering the book had Homer and Dieter at realistic sniping ranges - 250+ meters from the target) - which made sniper rifles basically useless, as an assault rifle would work just as well, if not better. The Delta Force series had fairly realistic weapons and sniping ranges, thanks to that voxel engine or whatever it was called, but another game with giant levels, Starseige: Tribes, had a worthless sniper rifle - it did crap damage, the projectile was slow and visible (funny, considering a laser would move at lightspeed and be invisible, unless it hit you directly in the eye, at which point it would be irrelevant because you'd be dead).
Also, why are energy guns both slow moving and visible? A laser, even in a visible light band (unlikely) would still be invisible, because all the light is traveling in ONE direction, towards the TARGET, and there is nothing to 'glow' off to the side. Also it would move ******* lightspeed, and you couldn't see it anyways. You MIGHT be able to dodge a bullet, but it's basically physically impossible to dodge a laser.

And of course there's the spiel about 'but it's just a game'. Well some of these games try to be realistic, and even when they're not, why are they always unrealistic in the same retarded ways? Why not have slow moving bullets and instantaneous, invisible lasers?
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