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Thumbs down Re: Why Doesn't Realistic Sniping Exist in Shooters?

As you said its a game and games usually suppose to be fun not frustrating or boreing , slow visible lazer is SciFy fun , and youd need alot more powerfull PC to make giant landscapes detailed to fully use long range sniper rifles.... i do like realistic body damage and small arms but at the end its Kids playing game , and devs are forced to balance/gimp/ screw effects of real weapons. Becouse everyone whines... and or uses one and same gun

What we do need is separate class for Mature rated games , with more realism/gore where its not suppose to be fun but rather , horrible and bloody real war like experiance

Oh yeah creating very high level physic engine is kinda hard , you need realy top PCs , developers greedy corporations always put Cash above anything else thats why we have crappy T rated games and PG13 movies, they target as mutch public as possible as many PC users... ect ect
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