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Default Re: ATI under fire ahhhhhahahahaha

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
Really ignore that petition. For some months they have been working on REAL linux drivers. Those drivers are different from the ones they are currently maintaining. Just watch out for future ATI driver releases ..
Well, honestly I do hope that petition would force them to let out a beta, heck, alpha version of those drivers. By all indications though, searching for cygwin and mtippett is really really discouraging. Based on the evidence I've seen I'm not convinced they are working on any different codebase from what we've seen in public knowledge. Also, because of how they are developing from cygwin we won't likely see any 64-bit drivers until a 64-bit windows environment shows up. I also don't like that they are using gcc really to compile the core of their driver code.

I kind of think you have it a bit backwards. The 3.2.8 drivers were a strong foundation to build from, for whatever reason three series of drivers after that release were slower, and it wasn't until the latest release that the performance at least matched that version of driver. It would appear they scrapped that code and started maintaining newer, unfortunately horribly optimized and slow code. From what I gather, ATI had a developer contracted out of Germany, wanted him to relocate to CA, and he gave them the middle finger. Linux drivers downhill since.

Also, the current driver does not even conform to OGL 1.0 standards. If they are working on an uber-driver, it'd sure do them alot more good than bad to release something now.


You're right, to the NV community it's kind of a double edged sword. You sign the petition saying "bwahaha, ATI is teh suxX0rs my nVidia drivers pWn j00!!!!" and then ATI looks at that and writes some AWESOME drivers complete with a control panel etc etc. Then you haven't gained anything, on the other hand spiting ATI sure is fun lately......
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