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Default Re: ATI under fire ahhhhhahahahaha

Originally posted by BigBerthaEA

Don't know if it is just me, but why would an nVidia user care about an ATI driver petition? What exactly do you have to gain?


It's just you...........

You have ******ALOT*********** to gain by signing it. Nvidia's linux drivers are pretty good, yes. but like anything else they could always be better.

Nvidia for the time being has zero competition in this field so if they screw up or take their time it's not like you have anywhere to go anyways. You should sign that petition knowing that it puts nvidia in a corner, and at least lets them know that users want an alternative. You think they're not watching taht thing skyrocket as much as ATI is?

I've had a few of my friends that aren't even linux users sign it.
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