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there is no way it'll take anyone 12 hours to play Doom III. Condisdering you'll have to do certain missions over and over to get it the way you want could take months. Like Half-Life.....I played it for about 3 months until I became a pro at it and then it took me another 3 or 4 months to play the whole game from the it took about half a year. Well......that was mainly because the new patches made the old save games you had to start all over again and they kept releasing new ones.....they're still releasing ' Doom III will take me a while to finish.....since I only play games late at night when the rest of the family is sleeping. Then when the sun comes up I go to sleep until about 12 PM. so now way will it take anyone 12 hours unless they don't screw up once in the game, don't have to go piss, don't eat.....don't sleep, and God knows what else.
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