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Originally posted by [eNv]-LORD-eX-Bu
Just play the damn game! Gosh! man, talk about overdoing it! what do you do? save every 3 steps so that you don't mess something up?!? I mean, the way you say you play games, you totally suck all the fun out of them. Just reading your post made me lose interest in HL and Doom 3... 3 months to beat a game?!!
some people only play 1-2 hours a day and not even every day at that

although i agree, 3 months assuming you play frequently is ridiculous, especially for a game like HL which didn't last that long. i played around 1-2 hours a day max and beat it within 1-2 weeks once i got my new rig and wanted to see how pretty all my old games were on it.
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