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Default Re: if you had the opportunity to redesign D3 .... what will u do?..

1) vehicles. vehicles are a new and good trend -- operation flashpoint started it, battlefield 1942 made it enjoyable, ut2004 perfected it.

2) make the environment more manipulative, not make it feel like you're being thrown into a fake world with a bunch of fancy looking things which are only there for your eye's entertainment (as opposed to your mind's entertainment).

3) for fekks sake put some high quality textures in it, even higher than can be placed on the fastest cards' memory, because the cards will expand for it; i'm sure.

4) make the physics worth a crap

5) the whole fixed ticks thing is completely retarded. i would make it an option, and possibly only enabled for multiplayer, depending on punkbuster.

6) i would make a geometry detail setting that actually changes geometry detail an amount worth mentioning. who gives a **** if it brings the fastest card down to its knees, you don't need to have it enabled.

7) the plot is seriously lacking. i would add a girl or some drama or something, anything, to make the plot more in depth. if need-be, i would have contacted the people who wrote storylines for anime series about possibly making the plot for the game.

8) add more mind games and puzzles; challenges to the player who needs to logically work out the sequences. this game is fairly easy to go straight through. sure it's got a small puzzle type scenerio from time to time, but it feels like its been tacked on and given very little care.

that's all i guess. really my biggest complaint is how horribly unscalable this game is. i guess that's how i feel about most every game though. really, as far as the actual game and the enjoyment goes though, definitely the plot.
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