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Default Re: nvidia.ko problems in kernel 2.6.7

Originally Posted by Tristania
Oy, you're right!

cc -v gives me 3.3.4, while gcc -v gives me 3.4.0!

So either the kernel was compiled with cc and the nvidia used gcc, or vise versa.

Is there a way I can control what nvidia uses to build? Or any other suggestions
kernel build with gcc... and nvidia with cc.

hmmm... i dont know how nvidia make files works...
u may try set CC environment.... e.g. bash> CC=gcc ./command-to-fight args...

make either understand
make CC=gcc fight-target

i tryied do smth like that .... it doesn't help for me...

u may try another way
find your cc and gcc
bash> whereis gcc
bash> whereis cc
this shows u all files of that name... commands.. manfiles.. info... and otheres
i suppose that cc it just a symbolic link... u can change it to point to where your gcc is i.e. set into cc symlink to full gcc path of rite version.
if u get few gcc installs... u can check version providing full execfile path...
bash> /path/to/my/gcc --version
of smth like that...
after all... u will build your nvidia with the same compiler.

p.s. same compiler... seems like kernel paranoya...
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