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Default Re: nvidia.ko problems in kernel 2.6.7

My problem (which is the same problem described by others in this thread) was solved by just recompiling my kernel with gcc 3.3 and then building the nvidia kernel module (with the same gcc 3.3 compiler). It could be fixed also in the opposite way as zander said before, by re-installing the old gcc 3.2 compiler and building the nvidia kernel with it. I prefered to rebuild the kernel though since I want to use gcc 3.3 from now on.
The lesson here is (correct me if I'm wrong) that in order to build succesfully the nvidia kernel module you not only need to have installed the sources of the running kernel, but you also need to build the module with the same compiler, of the same version that the running kernel is built with.
I think it would be helpful if this extra tip (about compiler versions) is added to the error message of the nvidia installer.
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