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Default Re: Valve decide what fps is OK

... not trying to be out of line or anything, but when i saw the first counterstrike source screenshots, i thought it was from the original counterstrike. i immediately thought "what's so special about this screenshot?" then about an hour later, i realized it was the new version of counterstrike, lol. it wasn't intentional at all, i just realized it being so bland and uninteresting to the eye that i seriously did not notice it was the new counterstrike.

tbh, i have not been very impressed with hl2 or doom3, hopefully theif or unreal3 will take us away on an eye candy path like the oh-so-sexy unreal tournament game did. i can remember when first playing unreal tournament, there was nothing visual about the game that i didn't like. not like doom where i immediately noticed low poly counts and crappy textures; for the time i thought the game was perfect as far as pleasing to the eye goes. this continued through ut2003 and ut2004 as well, they make stuff that looks so good yet runs so well. i don't like the actual gameplay of the ut series (except onslaught, which owns), but the graphics are the best of all of its competitors. not to mention it usually runs better than them too. if only they had good ogl support =\
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