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Default Re: Help me! Doom 3 wont work good

Originally Posted by grimreefer
hi guys
i have a leadtek5950
when i play doom3, large black lines move up and down on the screen for no reason.
its really pissin me off
anyone know how to fix it
and anyone know where the doom 3 tech support page is,i cant seem to find it
iv tried the 66 and 61.77 drivers.
Try here

You could try raising the monitor refresh rate for the game. The command is: r_displayRefresh "X" (where X=appropriate refresh rate for the resolution you are using).

DoomConfig.cfg will not save this command. One way to make it permanent is to create a separate autoexec.cfg file in the same directory and add the command in, eg: seta r_displayRefresh "100"
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