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Default Monitor problems (wrong output by default!?)


Yesterday i spent the whole day installing the NVIDIA drivers on my linux system. With some tricks I got it working fine, but I still have this weird problem:

Everytime I boot up my system and it comes to the point xserver should start the screen fades black and the monitor seems to turn out (or loose the input signal). The first time i thought it is a complete system crash, but i can hear kde's startup sounds and i'm even able to switch to a virtual console (ALT+F1 - F6).

To do a proper xserver boot i need to use one of this consoles, switch back to runlevel 3 and then to 5 again. when i now start the xserver (startx) everything works fine.

therefore, the problem has to be somewhere in the boot-up sequence. Is it possible that my card is trying to access the tv- or dvi- output first before using the vga-output?

My system specs:
GFX: Geforce4 TI4200
Linux: Mandrake Community 10.0
Kernel: 2.6.3-15 (rivabf is ENABLED, but it doesn't seem to make any problems)
NVIDIA driver: 6106 (the only one that compiles the kernel without problems for me)

the XConfig is set like every description on this planet told me to and i made an additional option (to set the Agp-Rate to 4) in modules.conf, because it never worked on my computer without it
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