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Default Ti-4200 Tvout (phillips 7104)

I have a NVIDIA TI-4200 card with a Phillips 7104 tvout chip. I know that the 7104 chip is certainly not the best supported chip for tvout, but has anyone been successful in getting good tvout from this chip. I would like to get the tvout to overscan just enough that when I am watching divx or xvid movies that the picture takes up the whole TV screen. I am using nvtv, but I can not find the right combination of inputs to get the picture to look correct. So far my command line looks like this nvtv r 800,600 S NTSC (s ?) C COMPOSITE t c. None of the (-s) predefined screen size values for 800,600 seem to work correctly. Nvtv will not allow me to specify a resolution of 800,600 without setting s to some value. If anyone has had success in getting a good tvout picture with the Phillips 7104 chip, would you post a copy of your nvtv command line? Thanks for the help.
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