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Default Re: 1.0-6113 for FreeBSD thread

Originally Posted by splat
Yep, I get the reboot too. I'm running -CURRENT (from a few days ago). I've tried both FreeBSD & Nvidia AGP, similar results. To complicate live I've got an MX4000 (AGP) and 2x MX440(PCI) in the box. Under the previous version the MX440s would work but with multicards were unstable and would reboot after a couple of mplayer runs. I've rebuild X (4.4) but to no avail. Next I'll try it with only a sinly 440 card and see hos that goes. I'd like the box to be able to handle 3 TV outs, plus a fourth console screen (4 cards) but thats a big ask. With a AMD2500+ 2 movies playing is about the limit. If Nvidia would produce an AMD64 version I could prob. get 3 playing.

I have constant headache because of the new driver. I installed recently a base FreeBSD 4.10 Release (nothing custom cvsup..). Downloaded NVIDIA-FreeBSD-x86-1.0-6113.tar.gz unzipped to /tmp and "make install".
It compiled and installed flawlessly. Editing X config nv->nvidia, removing comment from GLX (DRI was commented out) and starting X. It works, for a second the nvidia splash-screen is visible.
I installed from package-system a game, bzflag (maybe it is the problem/old version?). It runs perfectly for the first time! (nice graphic and fast, so uses hardware accleleration correctly). BUT! Running it second time its very slow, seems to me not using hardware opengl at all. After quitting it says about already freed something, and coredumps usually. (mainly if loaded the EMU10K1 module for sound). Sometimes it even reboots the machine after 3-4 second when i quit.

I watched the README file, is says about msync bug. I set vm.old_msync to 1 just before starting x. Or should i set it at boot-time? At the loader's OK prompr i type: set vm.old_msync=1 but after login sysctl says its 0. Putting the line vm.old_msync="1" into /boot/loader.conf results the same.

I have AMD 2000+ MSI Gef4200, MSI KT3Ultra2 (VIA KT333) and SB-Live.
Did nvidia simply forget to include VIA KT333 at supported AGP chipsets in linux-readme, or it inst supported and i have to use FreeBSD's agp.ko?
(in GENERIC kernel agp.ko is built-in, and nvidia driver detects it if i start x)

Thanx for any help, i really want 3D opengl on my machine.

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