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Default 6111 nvidia-settings adjustments won't stick

This is frustrating. I'm using 6111 drivers on a knoppmyth installation. I use nvidia-settings to adjust the various settings to get the picture just how I like it, then if I <ctrl><alt><F1> to switch to a terminal, do a few things, then switch back, X has reverted to the nasty looking colours/levels that I started out with.

Now if I look in nvidia-settings at this point, it still has all of the correct numeric values but they are not actually working; I see nice adjusted values and nasty unadjusted picture. In order to get them working I have to adjust any one setting by any amount (bumping hue up by 1 then down by 1 works) then it suddenly applies ALL of my adjustments again (so it's back to looking good).

I notice this also happens when I run xmame... as soon as it fires up, all my nice adjustments are out the window.

Any ideas?
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