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Default Re: if you had the opportunity to redesign D3 .... what will u do?..

a: larger areas... this game is pretty tight hallcrawlwise. the tightest I ever played to date. Too tight.

b: more outdoor areas, and windows showing more outdoor areas.

c: I wouldn`t place the enemy triggers in the same areas all the time. Do the unexpected... put powerups/ammo in spots where the player THINKS he may get attacked but doesn`t. Mix it up more.

d: co op

e: more than 4 player mp.

f: darkness is way overused in games to scare players, or try to scare players. What scares me the most is not getting jumped in the dark. It is seeing the creatures coming... the knowing they are coming after me. So more dimly lit areas as apposed to totally dark.

I can even handle totally dark.... if we were just allowed the weapon with attached flashlight. You would think they felt DOOM 3s scare factor totally relied on the darkness. If so... that blows. Dark does not equate to making the games more scary. It may help somewhat, but if overused, it gets old really fast.
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