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Default amd64 6111 cant find modules

I just barely got gentoo for amd64 up and running. When I install the nvidia drivers for my 6800 it builds the kernel fine, but when it finishes building the kernel it comes up with an error
"ERROR: Unable to determin properties of file
'/usr/X11R6/lib64/modules/extensions/' (No such
file or directory)"

I tell it to continue anyway, and then it comes up with the same error for every file it needs (about 8 files). Then it tells me that it cant create the sim link from the files it just errored about and eventually errors telling me that the drivers encountered problems and cant install.

I thought maybe because im using gentoo, that I had to emerge the drivers first, so I did, both the glx and kernel, and that did nothing. I still get the error when i try to install the driver. If I just try to run X, I get errors saying either that it cant load the nvidia kernel module, or that it cant find the glx and the nvidia modules.

Is there something I am missing with the 64 bit system/drivers? I checked and the links it errors about in actuallity dont exist. I dont know where the files are it is looking for, ive never had an error like this before. Am I missing a step, can I just point it to the right folder?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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