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Default Linux with XP Pro & Partition Magic

Hey guys,

I got my grubby little mitts on a copy of Partition Magic 8 (totally legit). I want to use it to set up my laptop to install Mandrake 9. My current hard drive setup is as follows (more or less):

C: - NTFS @ 28 GB
D: - NTFS @ 1 GB (backup partition)

Partition Magic 8 includes a new feature called the install a new operating system wizard. One of the questions the wizard poses is where I need help from you Windows/Linux dual booting gurus. I know I wouldn't establish my Linux space after the D: partition. But would I set it up before C:? Or between C: and D:?

Also, how much space should I allocate to everything? My laptop has 512 mb RAM. The maximum amount of HD space I feel comfortable dedicating to Linux is about 10 gigs including swap, /usr, boot, etc.

Whatever guidance you folks can give me will be much appreciated.
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