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Default Re: Why Doesn't Realistic Sniping Exist in Shooters?

Well, in real life Snipers are friggin gods. They're in much better shape than the other guys have to be (possibly elite CTs and SpecOps aside), their accuracy with anything is unholy, they're stealthy as Hell and smart sons of bitches. Even the capacity to ever become a sniper depends a lot on genetic good luck.

But just the same, if a game is going to implement the pseudo-sniping, there is no reason to implement all these PSG-1s and WA2000s. An M16A2 on semiautomatic with a 2x magnification optic would easily do the trick, or an AK-47 for that matter.

Sniper rifles themselves are just flat out superior weapons. Aside from their bulk, they're essentially assault rifles retooled and hand crafted into perfect form. The PSG-1 is, piece for piece, little different from a G3 rifle, but the care and precision that goes into making them improves the accuracy a lot.
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