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Default nvidia linux driver build 6111, poor opengl video

Greetings everyone,

this is a strange one..
basically, starting from build 6106 games have not rendered correctly for some reason.

build 5336 DOES work correctly!
I can downgrade to this version, and everything is fine.
the games tested are all quake3 engine games, quake3 enemy territory and return to castle wolfenstein
when you load these games initially, there is nothing out of the ordinary, its when you actually start playing and load a map that it goes south
the game textures look garbled and corrupted, some even appear to be missing.

text looks like some kind of alien writing, depending on what is behind it.

the thing that is even more interesting, is that I have 2 systems that do this. there are no errors whatsoever, and as bad as the game looks it runs smothly.
in X11, there is no issues whatsoever. systems are both stable, no lockups, crashes, ect.

both are 2.6 kernels, one system is gentoo bootstrapped from stage 1 and othe other is slack 10.
one video card is a geforce fx 5600 and the other a geforce fx 5950
kernel versions are 2.6.7 and 2.6.4
2.6.7 is the gentoo kernel sources, the 2.6.4 is straight off of

i have looked thru everything i can think of, and im assuming there is some new, obscure setting that im missing. expecially since i can downgrade both systems to 5336 and change absolutely NOTHING and all is well.

I hope someone here has an idea.

thanks for the help!
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