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Default Re: Valve decide what fps is OK

Originally Posted by DaveW
Its funny how people compared the HL2 engine against Doom 3. Its nowhere near as advanced. I've said it many times and nobody listens...

The HL2 engine is a hack the QUAKE ONE engine.

Its just a rebuild of the original Half-life engine (which was based off Quake 1, NOT Quake 2), and it has the havoc physics engine taped onto the side. Download the leaked source and see for yourself. First line in the code is "#include glquake.h".

The only reason the HL2 screenies look so good is because they can use higher resolution textures and poly counts with todays cards. The HL2 screens appear to use a lot of real world photos for the buildings etc and they do look very sweet, but the engine itself is nothing special. This is why we are seeing 100+ FPS. And yeah, ATI cards are faster than nVidia... but if I get 100 FPS instead of 120 FPS I don't care. I won't notice the difference, unlike with Doom 3 where I would be getting 25 FPS instead of 45 FPS if I got a x800 Pro instead of a 6800 GT. At lower frame rates the performance difference is much more important.

The HL2 engine will still be a good base for mods because of its lower requirements. The game may still be good because of the story and level design. It will look good because of good modelling and excellent texturing. But the engine itself is nothing special.
Did u ever look @ the bink-movies? Ton's of shaders going on..
Reflections in the floors etc .etc. All those things didn't even exists in Q1
Subtle things all over the place... Q1 coz of an include in a leaked beta *sigh*
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