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Default Re: HELP! Slackware 10 problems with a pair of nvidia cards

Your pastebin URLs don't come up with information, so I can't read your output to debug. We'll start from the top.

X hangs are a pain, because X reaches through so many layers of the system, and doesn't always play nice with lower-level software.

What I hear you saying (and infer) is that X works with default kernel and the nv driver. When you compile 6111 (or any other), load the nvidia module (check for nvidia in lsmod output), and change the driver name in xorg.conf, starting X locks up hard.

I'm going to assume you're also loading glx and not loading dri or GLcore, as per TFM.

1) X doesn't dump you back out to CLI, so we can presume at least enough is right with your xorg.conf to at least grab a terminal and load a driver. At this point in diagnosis, it would help to know where X hangs (blank screen, nVIDIA logo, GUI splash, etc).

2) everything else is responsive (i.e. your system will respond to remote access), so not everything is out to lunch, just X and local I/O

so, we're down to driver snafu where X is choking on something after initializing. It appears to be dependent on nvidia.o being present, but not version specific, which usually leaves kernel drivers. You mention recompiling the default kernel. Have you gone through and tailored the kernel to your hardware, or did you just unset the rivafb option? Have you tried a more recent kernel than 2.4.26 (2.6 is lovely and stable, and 2.4 is in rc for .28); later kernels fix bugs in earlier kernels, by and large. The output from 'grep [y/m] /usr/src/linux/.config' would be useful.

Also, you said it worked 'first time' in 9.1. You wouldn't happen to have tarballed your /etc before reinstall/upgrade and thereby have your XF86Config lying about? The syntax is the same in xorg.conf, just with a different name; you might try swapping in your old, but functional, config and seeing if that makes a difference. Also assuming that you had the nVidia driver working under 9.1.

I also have no experience with dual video cards, so I don't know what you have to do special to get those working; I'm starting from what I do know, and working up.
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