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Default Random Engine Questions

I was wondering why some previously implemented features of different engines haven't become prevalent. For example:

1. Large scale maps. I think I first saw this in Delta Force, and while it exists in the Tribes series and Far Cry, and several of the war-themed games, it's still not commonplace in the single-player shooters. I know one thing that limits this is the BSP format a lot of games are still holding onto, but you'd think they'd just ditch BSP if it was that big of a hitch. Maybe I'm overestimating the practicality of programmers.
2. GeoModding. Once again, a problem in BSP-style engines, but what about the others? I think GeoModding would be perfect in games like Tribes, Far Cry and the Rainbow Six series. They'd add to the existent realism. Is there even a single modern game that uses geomodding?
3. Curved surfaces. This was the reason I ultimately played Q3 over Unreal Tournament, as banal as it may sound. I couldn't help noticing that everything in Unreal, while nicely textured and lighted, was still made out of damn squares. The ability to create curved surfaces improved the immersiveness of Q3 engine games a lot, and I think games need to continue in this tradition. I can't tell if Doom3 does it or not, but I don't think HL2 has it (from what I've seen in demos), nor do pretty much any of the new games. Far Cry and Tribes 2 do a decent curved/slope on terrain, but buildings are still blatantly polygonal. Curved surfaces would be awesome on models, too.
4. Bump mapping. Well, quite a few games use this now, but this crap has been around since Soldier of Fortune, if not before. Why did it dry up after that? It really helps textures look more realistic.
5. Realistic locational damage. Once again a feature of Soldier of Fortune that has become non-existent. I know SoF overdid it, but still, some realistic pooling blood, bullet entry and exit wounds etc. would be nice, especially in the tactical shooters.
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