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Default Nforce audio driver, weird errors

I just installed my Nforce audio drivers for my Nforce 3 250GB onboard audio. This driver (0283) has worked fine on other installs, but now that I have gentoo installed, it doesnt work.

It installed fine. I figured everything was going well. I turned up the volume on kmix, and then ran nvmixer. when I tried to change the audio settings in nvmixer, it will error when i click on any slide bar saying "Volume Set Failed". If I click on any check box, it will say something like "Mute Bit Failed" or "Swap MicIn Failed" depending on what box I check. Bottom line is that my audio drivers are going weird. I cant change any of the settings.

I do get audio, but only from the 2 front speakers of my 4.1 set. which means that the front speaker jack is working fine, but the rest of the jack's arent with my onboard audio, I can only assume because the drivers arent working. The drivers have always worked for me fine, but they dont now for some reason. I thought that maybe I needed to emerge gentoo's ebuilds of the Nforce driver, but they still only have the old drivers so I decided not to.

Any help would be appreciated.

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