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Default Re: Random Engine Questions

ill try to answer, but keep in mind that these are my opinions, and are not to be regarded as fact:
1. not all games needed large scale maps.
2. wtf is geomodding? are you talking about map deformity, ie red faction? i think in a large scale multiplayer game, it would have taken (and still does) take a lot of resources to do something like that with say bf1942.
3. when did q3 have curved surfaces. the only curved surfaces i remember in q3 were arches. i think ut2004 makes up for it with utilizing spaces (open areas/terrain/indoors), rather than relying on curves.
4. i agree. bump mapping would be cool. but all the new games coming out now should have it (d3, for one)
5. in a multiplayer game, this would take a lot of resources and is more or less unfeasible at the moment.

but i could be completely wrong and the programmers could be total lazy sob's.
- oh man, the water effects in source look amazing!
- really?
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- cool!
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