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Default Re: An interesting aticle about doom3/hl2

Very good article. They were right "Shader Day" was BS. ATI/Valve in a way should apoligize to Nvidia and even the consumers. They gave Nvida a big blow which then had alot grasping at straws and alot of consumers feeling as if there purchase was crap. But more so they made alot users anticipating HL2 plunk down $500 for a card over one game that was not released after this much publicized event and hell even made jakup destroy is Nivida case sticker. And I know we are in a new generation of cards but I hope reveiwers put the 5900 up against the 9800 line like they would a year ago. Very interested to see what a year a difference make.

And I said last year and I will again, I do not think HL2 was delayed because of code theft or not being done but because HL2 had no real competition and they didnt want DOOM3 or another game being released a year later to over shadow there technology.
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