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Unhappy fx5200go overheat(?) problem

i own a mobile geforce fx 5200 go gpu on my notebook

when i run some graphics-intensive game (like doom3 or farcry) just after i started my computer after couple of hours of standby, i get a descent gameplay (50-60fps) for about two minutes maximum.
then framerate drops to 15-20 or even 7-8. restarting the game and/or computer didn't give any results, framerate stays low.

only if i turn off the computer and let it "cool down" for couple of hours, i then get 50-60 fps again but for only one or two minutes. then the fps drops down again.

640x480, lowquality
i get about 20fps +-5 at main menu in doom3.

(pentium M 1.3ghz, 1gb ram, 40gb hdd)
installed 61.77 detonator driver
'powermizer' set to 'maximum performance'

i think gpu thinks its too hot and drops speed.
is there a way to turn off this 'feature' or some other workaround?

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